• Smart Home
    Nowadays, through the use of high technology, smart home life is no longer a idiotic dream, it is completely achievable. With just one button, you can easily set up your home. Smart home allows your home to fully understand your "heart" and enjoy life with high quality!
  • Fresh air system/heating air conditioning
    The fresh air system is one of the three major air circulation systems of air conditioning, namely indoor air circulation system, outdoor air circulation system, and fresh air system. The main function of the fresh air system is to realize the circulation and ventilation between room air and outdoor air, as well as to purify the air.
  • Environmental monitoring
    Generally, semiconductor and electrochemical sensors are used to quickly realize semi-quantitative detection of formaldehyde in indoor air on site, featuring simple structure, small size, easy to carry and use and intuitive. It can be widely used in the on-site quantitative and qualitative detection of formaldehyde in the air of rooms, indoors, residential areas, public places, living places and factories and mines.
  • Air Purifier
    As consumers continue to pay more attention to air pollution, air purification products have gradually become the focus of the market, and many people have installed air purifiers in their homes. The development and application of various sensing technologies have fully improved the performance and functions of air purifiers, and further realized comfort, safety, and energy saving.
  • Car series
    HOTO automotive electronics series products involve: APA ultrasonic sensors, UPA ultrasonic sensors, reversing radar sensors, oil level sensors, Hall speed sensors, urea level sensors, car buzzers, etc.